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Taitaja2013 competition started today in Joensuu!

Picture: Ville Kokkola / Taitaja2013

Taitaja2013 competition started in the morning in Joensuu Arena and its surroundings. Between 14 -16 May plenty of “the joy of skills” is present as 400 young competitors
compete in 40 categories. According to competition manager Anne Karppinen the first competition day went according to plan and there has been a good and positive
atmosphere in the competition sites. Final results are available on Thu 16 May.

The competitors work in conditions that meet the standards of working life, and the machines and equipment in the competition sites are similar to a real working environment.
The fact that there is a time limit in the competition, competition task assessment and the presence of numerous spectators all give an extra suspense factor to task completion.
The competitors have been, however, trained for the competition and have gained experience in competing in the semifinals. Experts of each field from companies and schools act as judges in the competition categories.
During the first tasks the competitors were brimming with excitement but soon after everyone concentrated on their own performances. The theme of the event ”The joy of skills” was glowing in the competitors’ faces!
The organizer of the Taitaja2013 competition is this year North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium and its schools. Manager of the consortium, Ilkka Pirskanen, considers national competition in vocational education as one significant factor that contributes to the quality of teaching. The competition is a great learning environment not only for the competitors but also for a huge amount of students of various fields. Over 1000 people have been involved in executing the massive event. Teachers have made use of the Taitaja2013 competition in their teaching, and organizing the event has offered good chances for learning.
In theTaitaja2013 event visitors may familiarize themselves with various career and education options. Enterprises and working life meet among the young talents their future employees and young people gain support in their choice of a career. Enterprises have considered the Taitaja competition as significant for cooperation. About 350 different partners have joined in and 24 of them are main cooperation partners.
In the Taitaja competition the representatives of the companies are able to follow the work of future professionals and see their level of competence. Both for the students taking part in the competition and for young people who come to watch the competition the Taitaja event provides a good overview of future trades and working life. The CEO of Pohjois-Karjalan Osuuskauppa (PKO), Juha Kivelä, says that it gives great pleasure to be one of the players to enable the organization of this event. Approximately 850 out of over 1000 employees of PKO works in grocery stores and in hotel and restaurant industry, which are the areas to which vocational education provides the best possible basic training.

Please find the event program, results and further information at

Taitaja2013 official photos
Photos taken by Antti Varonen

Photos taken by students in communication studies

TaitajaPLUS news

Along with the Taitaja2013 competition TaitajaPLUS competition there will be arranged for students with special needs. A requirement for taking part in the TaitajaPLUS competition is a disability or handicap that affects everyday life. A prerequisite for participation is a personal plan made for the student concerning his/her studies. Unlike the three-day Taitaja competition, the competition in the TaitajaPLUS takes 1-2 days and daily competition time is 3-6 hours. In individual competitions there are 3-8 competitors and in team competitions 3-6. Today the competition was in Property Maintenance category. TaitajaPLUS results at, photos at

Coming tomorrow on Wed 15 May

Taitaja2013 competition continues at 9-18

Taitaja9 competition in Joensuu Ice Hall at 9-16. 100 9th graders of upper comprehensive schools compete in craftsmanship in teams. The winning team is rewarded with scooters. Anssi from radio station NRJ will join in.

Press conference for media at 9.00 in Taitaja2013 media center (Voitto meeting room in Joensuu Arena).
In addition to the Taitaja2013 event it is possible to discuss the future prospects of vocational education in Finland.

Jukka Lehtinen, Counselor of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
Seija Rasku, Chairperson of the Board of Skills Finland ry, Counselor of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
Veli-Matti Lamppu, Manager of Education Department, Federation of Finnish Enterprises
Ilkka Pirskanen, Manager of North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Anne Karppinen, Taitaja2013 Competition Manager, North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium

Further information:
North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Anne Karppinen
Taitaja2013 Competition Manager
tel. 050 359 8042, anne.karppinen(at)

The Taitaja competition is the biggest annual event in vocational education in Finland. Approximately 35,000 people are expected to visit Joensuu. There will be 400 young people in 40 trades competing for the Finnish championships. At the same time there will be arranged TaitajaPLUS competition for students with special needs and Taitaja9 competition where 100 9th graders of upper comprehensive schools compete in craftsmanship. Taitaja2013 event in Joensuu is arranged by the North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium with its schools and cooperation partners.

Skills Finland ry acts as the background organization of the Taitaja event. Skills Finland promotes Finnish excellence in skills through Taitaja, Taitaja9 and TaitajaPLUS competitions and by training and coaching young professionals, competition specialists and trainers. Skills Finland is also responsible for sending Finland’s national team to the international WorldSkills, EuroSkills and Abilympics competitions.

Taitaja2013 Finnish National Skills competition 14-16 May 2013, Tue at 9-17, Wed at 9-18 and Thu at 8-13. There is free admission to the event.

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